Best BBQ Food at the Comfort of Your Home

Barbeque food is the much craved for in today’s fast food fantasy. It’s due to the flavour that the grilling gives the food, the aroma and its taste makes anyone go crazy over it. For making steaks much tastier, grilling is the best option.

To satisfy this craving of BBQ food, grills are for everyone’s home. But choosing the right one is very important, else you end up doing the workaround more than cooking.

Weber has a good grill in store, Q2400. Weber is undoubtedly the most sought after brand all over the globe, for its high quality. Q-series of weber come as electric grills, and hence are even more popular in the US, where there are many restrictions for the gas and charcoal grills, on the safety concerns.

Some of the best features:

* This grill is easy to move around and gives you more workspace.

* Sturdy body, new design of large handles and side handles and the control nobs are the highlight.

* It gives you juicy and tender meat just like in your charcoal grill.

This Weber Q 2400 grill is HQ and durable; it stands the test of time and hence become the most popular brand in grilling.

The next on the best list is the E-310. E-310 is produced by Weber Spirit company. Weber is a name that stands out in the crowd, known for its quality product and longer durability and this piece is the best of all the webers. Let’s see the features that make it a true weber.

Weber is not just famous for its quality, but style too. It delivers quality without a compromise on style. Their models look complete well-groomed. This model has a complete stainless body, including knobs, pretty sturdy body, using up the natural gas.

* Be assured about no flares. The temperature can be controlled and pre-heating happens in just 10mins.

* With this Weber you can prepare grills not just for your family but you can hold on parties or even take along when you are going to a picnic.

* Weber grills heat up quickly and retain that heat, all through-out the cooking rendering the meat tender and juicy, so no compromise in the meat output you get.

* It provides you some easy handling things like digital thermometers, an indicator to check the propane gas.

Isn’t this list pleasing you? Indeed it must be!

Thinking if electric grill to be used outdoor only? No! Not always. Since it is electric, you can be assured of no spots and flares indoors and safe to use indoors too.

Well, now looking for some gas grills? Do you know what they are? Gas grills are those which make use of gas for grilling food. There are 2 types of gas grills-one that uses natural gas and another that uses propane gas. Propane gas grill is the one that is mostly available in the market today, in large numbers.

* Weber Genesis

* Napoleon Mirage

* Broil King Baron

* Weber Spirit

* Charcoal Broil classic 4-burner gas grill

These are some of the top brands gas grills. Click to find out the best Gas Grills ❶

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