Know The Top 3d Printing devices And The Filament Type Behind Them

3D printing technology has taken the printing industry by storm and it also bought into the market hundreds of 3D printer manufacturing companies. It has also given rise to many new technologies in the field and has raised the standards and quality of 3D printers.


It is therefore very important to know about the best models available in the market and make the best choice depending on one’s requirement and budget. You can find top 3D printer models HERE mentioned below:

1. Original Prusa i3 MK2:

The Original Prusa i3 MK2 has been selected as the best 3D printer of the year 2016 and the features that have got it to that level are:

* All new MK42 heat bed

* PEI print surface

* Combined lead screw Z axis

* A full mesh bed auto-leveling

* Enhanced construction techniques

* Swift Printing

* An improved firmware

With all these enhanced features, the components are fabricated with a strong and sturdy ABS Plastic. It has a build volume of 250x210x200 mm and comes in a price range of around $699.


This 3D printer comes with the IDEX – Independent Extrusion Dual Extruder and proves the fact that working with dual extrusion is highly possible and it also has an option to work with Single Extrusion Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printer. It is known to be a high performance driven printer. It comes with a build volume of 210x297x210 mm and costs around $2600. But it is real worth to your money and proves to be lifetime investment.

3. Ultimaker 2 Extended +

This is a rather bigger and taller version of the Ultimaker 2+ and is classified as the best printer where the expectation is to get large printed objects. It has a build volume of 357x342x488 mm and costs around $2999 and is usually suited for commercial purpose.

Da Vinci 3D Printer:

One 3D printer that is worth a strong mention in the list of the top 3D printers is definitely the Da Vinci 3D Printer. This particular printer from the XYZprinting Company is the user-friendliest among the lot and is used by various types of users. The Calibration it offers is indeed on top of the other features and even has cloud support for its users. Da Vinci 3D Printer [Reviewed] These printers are versatile and have a high effectiveness value since they are compatible with the maximum range of filaments available in the market. With advanced safety features and a large community of users the Da Vinci 3D printers rules the market.

The best option to choose the best 3D printer is by knowing what the printer is actually built up of. The internal parts and accessories that go into the manufacturing of a printer actually go a long way. The cheap nylon filament for 3D printer is used for budget friendly printers and the filaments and other accessories and the fabrication differs according to price and purpose of the printer.