Solar panel is capable of providing energy to things beyond your imagination

Can the sun generate electricity?

Yes, the energy that we get from the sun is in the form of photons or light energy. Today in our quest to create alternate sources of cleaner and greener energy sources, we have by chance stumbled upon the greatest challenges of producing energy from non conventional sources such as the sun, the wind and water

How is energy being harnessed from the sun?

The solar energy that touches the earth’s surface in the form of light energy called photons is made to hit huge installations of silicon wafer like sheets called the solar panels. These solar panels are connected to photovoltaic cells through solar cables where the energy so generated is transferred through the cables and made to store in these batteries. Over a period of time, when these batteries are trickled and filled, the energy in them can be used o power electrical appliances.

The benefits of using this energy form are manifold.

1. The energy so produced is cleanest form of energy where there is absolutely no pollution in the generation of even after the consumption of such energy.

2. The energy production is noise free absolutely. It only requires the sun to shine and the rays to fall on these panels.

3. The energy is absolutely odor less and therefore it does not create any dangerous smoke nor give out carcinogenic or toxic fumes after being consumed. This is particularly important for the health of the living organisms and also for the health of the environment.

Which is the best solar generator in the market today?

Irrespective of what brand you use a generator must have the following attributes and qualities to be called as the best in the category:

a. Small and compact: if the generator is big and cumbersome, taking it along is going to be clumsy and you are likely to keep it back then lug it in your backpack;

b. The panel must be foldable for easy logistics: this is the continuation of the previous one where the idea that the panel must be foldable and put away in rear storage helps the traveler to be hands free or not bogged down with too much of baggage.

c. The battery must be small and at the same time very efficient:

The battery must be the size f a lunch box but be able to generate power for a household. Small is indeed beautiful!

d. Adequate sockets to plug in the appliances are necessary especially when you are outdoors and say you want to charge your phone’s battery.

Goal zero yeti:

The yeti is not as large as its name. But all the same it has all the punch required for delivering the required energy when we are in need of energy. The company has got the best reviews from science enthusiast and solar power junkies. Whether it is the yeti 400 with a nomad20 panel or a 1250 XX large survival kit generator, it has garnered a lot of positive attention for being the best in the market.

What are the ev-charging-products-for-home?

EV charging products come in three variants:

1. Level one:

There is a 120 VAC power outlet which can deliver the energy from the wall to the on board charger;

2. Level two:

This is a wall mountable power cord set which delivers the power into the car when needed;

3. Level three:

This is a high powered direct current charger which delivers quick charging much similar to a gas pump at the fuel station.

Do you know that a RV can power mobile phone by sun generators?

Say you are in the middle of a camping expedition and your mobile phone battery suddenly dies. What do you do in the wild?

Fortunately, you remembered to bring your solar generator and it was a sunny day and you have accumulated solar energy in the battery. All you need to do is to plug your charger into the portable solar generator, and Voila! Your phone battery is beginning to get charged.

There is a world of possibilities with solar energy. Imagine and conquer is what we would say!