3 thoughts on “Bryan Uselding — Naperville, Illinois

  1. Bryan is a scumbag. Even after he’s done using someone, he still shows up trying to contact them, even nearly a year afterwards trying to sabotage relationships because he thinks he’s a “dom” and owns them. You can find him on fetlife at blueeyeddevil630, where he has hundreds of pictures documenting his exploits. Absolute garbage human being and he’d better be careful if he knows what’s good for him.

    1. MrRoughandMean and for pictures checkout kinkysub89, his current “sub” side piece who know he has a girlfriend.

  2. Disgusting excuse for a human being. Total narcissist and complete sociopath. Get tested ASAP and find a therapist if you’re currently with him, you’re just 1 of many. He is on MANY platforms, most of which you’ve probably never heard of. A very convincing liar but there is proof everywhere of the type of person he is, just look. I didn’t listen when I saw warning signs, read what multiple people wrote about him and was reached out to by MULTIPLE women of his and I really wish I had. Do not fall for it. The biggest regret of my life is associating with this piece of s**t.

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