Elvis Angel Meeker — California

Not to be trusted. From California. Cruel is the best way to describe him. Selfish and intentional. But he is a weak man, seeking to destroy only because he has opportunity. He enjoy’s insults veiled as compliments – he enjoys controlling the dialog with negative tones he thinks is above heads. He is judgmental and has nothing of value to even offer. Doesn’t keep his word, even to himself. Cheats, beats, etc. He will take your last lighter after the shops have closed, and leave you with a full pack of cigarettes. He prefers power to s*x (weird). He is terrible at foreplay!! Like so bad. Doesn’t know how to touch a woman and doesn’t listen to what makes you feel good (in bed) – instead assuming he is g*d’s gift lol.it’s so weird that he doesn’t feel what he does wrong but I’m sure he changes the narrative in his head, because you better believe that everything is YOUR fault. Haha. De be wary of your paperwork like parent’s names, your social or birthdate , where your spare key is, addresses, as he is proficient in all types of fraud. He doesn’t respect anyone, least of all the woman he is currently dating. No one can make up for the s****y mom that he had, Everything is and always will be about him. He has no intention of even trying. I mean trying for anything. No goals, no heart. Don’t be fooled by his initial charm/it will quickly fade. And once he has switched/there is no going back. He is dangerous in a very detached way/ I think he could kill his own family if they disappointed his diluted/he thinks logical/ mind. He is Mexican but pale and speaks with white accent – over 6 feet and solid. I would guess 260lbs but is tall enough to not look fat, just solid. Kind of a jew fro. Bachelor’s degree and background in loans and Real Estate – but his ego and drug habit destroyed anything possibly white collar. Goes by a few alias’s but just look up his name and you can find everything needed (domestic violence 4x over, felony fraud, blah blah it’s all public record). Anyway BEWARE – He is 41 and most recently spends time in Sacramento.

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