Jasmine Ash — Edmonton, Canada

I want everyone to know about this s***k Jasmine Ash, she will suk c**k daily to get her drug of choice and will use every person she knows to get what she needs.This dumb a*5 h*e lost her kids ans sits around crying and b1tching about losing them but continues to do GHB everyday, she G’s out so bad you could just stuff your c**k in her and she don’t know, so how many times has this happened to her? who knows likely thousands.So guys watch out for this greasy floozy.

2 thoughts on “Jasmine Ash — Edmonton, Canada

  1. How is this a rip off? Sounds to me like someone is just being a rat or jealous. I personally know this person and she is a kind good hearted woman that is free to do as she pleases because she isn’t married. That doesn’t mean she does nor does she even like s*x so grow up and learn to keep your mouth shut

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