Jason Stinson — Blair, Nebraska

Jason Stinson enjoys lying and being mean to women. He works for the Blair Police Department. He loves to toy with hearts and play games. De he is deceitful, lies, and enjoys being cruel to women. In his Match, profile he describes himself as kind and loyal. When you start talking to him he puts on an act to make him seem like the perfect guy. He pretends to be interested in you and says he wants to meet you and hold you and so on. After a while he changes, and becomes emotionally abusive. He told me that he never was interested in me in the first place and just played me along to eventually get nude photos out of this charade he was playing. I never gave him any and refused. He began to tell me whatever and said I was too ugly that no one would ever want to date me and that I would be better off hurting myself and save everyone the trouble of not having to see my hideous face and body. He is a police officer and believes he deserves respect from women but doesn’t have to show any in return. He told me that he had been on the dating site for over a year and couldn’t find anyone that he clicked with. (No wonder, you treat women like dirt. Of course no one is going to click with a jerk like you.) Beware of this guy! He isn’t worth the trouble of giving yourself a massive headache. It’s obvious this guy also loves to cause problems and craves the drama that he creates.

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