gre KYRA has been harassing me for YEARS. She posted me up on here twice with complete and utter LIES. She cheats on her boyfriend and will run through the whole squad for 80 bucks and a bag of bl0w. Shes been getting pumped out in rat infested traphouses since 2010 by whoever gives her attention. Facts. She’s mad at ANA because ziya hasnt given this girl attention. KYRA got some big internal issues and shes been hooked on antidepressants since shes 16. Truth hurts huh KYRA. I knoe you wanna KYRA. Every tr4pper in ottawa knows KYRA for being the number one suzy fluzie on the market. Shes been on every site before it was shut down and has had her share of courthouse visits for being a working girl. Shes honestly the lowest scum you can find in ottawa anf truly a disgrace to women. The truth is this girl is a slore that goes around Ottawa selling her pu55y for money. Everybody in Ottawa knows it. It’s not a secret. So instead of taking responsibility for the disgusting person she is and the disgusting things she does, she puts it onto others to make herself feel better about herself. She lies to her family about who she really is when in reality she’s a floozy. You can ask anybody in this city if she sells herself, idk why she’s trying to hide what everybody already knows. This girl is also the BIGGEST pu55y. All bark and no bite. She called the cops after posting me up on here saying that I’m harassing her. Delusional much? I also had no choice to publicly embarrass her and jump her at the club PPL because she came up to me out of literally nowhere to throw a drink on me. Like throw hands, not drinks. How jealous do you have to be to wanna throw drinks at someone minding their own business? Then she wants to go around saying I got beat up at PPL? Lol no she clearly can’t admit to getting beat tf up. Anyone that was actually there will tell you differently. She also acts like I didn’t spit my gum in her face and make everyone outside laugh at her. This b***h looked like an absolute fool. That’s why she’s starting all this drama again, she’s bored. She doesn’t have anything going for her. She’s so insecure about herself she had to prove herself too me so bad and send me screenshots of the classes she was taking at DUMB COLLEGE….she was dumb enough to give me where she worked and where she went to school along with the teachers names and room numbers. This girl must know I’m gonna show up eventually. She also called the cops after calling me A RAT??? The only rat is her calling the cops on me to protect herself. But she wants to act up on social media. I saw this girl twice in Rideau mall and st Laurent and she SAID AND DID NOTHING. She’s a pu55y. All talk. Her moms a slore and her dads a cheater, maybe that’s why she’s so scarred from cheating, and stays bringing it up. Maybe cause her dad doesn’t wanna f*k her mom. Lmao who knows. Her dad beats her mom and abuses her too. This b***h wasn’t loved as a child, it’s kinda sad honestly…..I don’t think she’s ever heard “I love you” by her own father. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t respect herself or her body and sells herself. If you need an old man to pay you 120$ to spread your legs to give you some sort of love, that’s sad…..This girl stays using Snapchat filters because she’s ugly as f*k, and chunky. She wants to talk about how she has brains and does more than beauty. This girl stays comparing us. Girl, please invest in some good quality makeup to fix your janky brows and over drawn lips that are FILLED. Your cheek filler is showing, you stay looking like chucky the doll. This girl knows nothing about her own religion and doesn’t know Islam is a religion and not a race, she thinks if your white you need to be Christian. This girl talks about brains vs beauty but her brain is fried by all those drugs she’s taken. I’ve heard it from her own mouth that she’s taken so many pills from anxiety and depression, and other harder drugs. If you meet or talk to this broad you’ll notice something is off, even in her voice. She’s not all there. She thinks posting me will phase me, like man you can post me every other month I don’t care because it’s lies and anybody that knows me personally knows that. She threatens to come to my past jobs….like how does she even find out where I’ve worked to begin with???? But I’m the stalker ya ya…ok…..She’s banned from every mall I’ve ever worked at, she can’t even shop because of me hahahaha. But it’s not like she upkeep’s herself anyways so I guess it doesn’t matter. I want her to come embarrass herself while security escorts the trash out. She can’t fight for s**t or handle her own problems and gets her ugly family members or few friends she has to dm me anonymously, threatening me, like that’s something I can’t respect. Handle your beef yourself. It makes me thinks she’s very intimidated and scared and can’t handle me own her own…which she can’t. She couldn’t at PPL. She said I smell, yeah b***h I smell like Chanel, something you can’t afford. Maybe if you f*k Bob, your pimp will buy you some babe. This girl thinks too highly of herself and doesn’t notice that she’s a very average looking girl with a botched looking face. She thinks because men want her for s*x she’s beautiful. That’s sad man. Her ex TYRON treated her like s**t and NEVER LOVED HER he even fuked other girls and told her and she was okay with it…….and stayed with him for years, she lied to him about being a pu55y seller too. He had no clue or pretending not too atleast. Fuking star couple man. All they did was smoke weed together and club. And she wants to bring up Islam???!!! You aren’t Muslim b***h, stay lying to yourself. She even tried pushing marriage on TYRON and went to try on wedding dresses and everything….I think he noticed that she’s a slore and called it off. She even aborted their kid, good because nobody needs another her around. TYRON mom also thinks she’s a slore and wouldn’t even let her in the fuking house. This b***h actually was gang banged, every guy she knows has fuked her and ran a train on her. That’s how she stays alive, getting reassurance from strangers for self love. Listen, it doesn’t even matter what I think cause at the end of the day she knows this is all truth and has to look at herself every day. This b***h can’t even spell hunchback properly…stay in school babe…for someone who stalks me you should know I’m 5.9 not 6foot but you were close, you wish I was fat, it’s not my fault you have no a*s and look like the letter P…don’t take it out of me. G*d d**n. Luckily for me, what I can do too her doesn’t compare to what G*d will do too her so I’m blessed with whatever outcome. The sad truth is she knows I’m a good girl and I respect myself. She wishes she was like me. It’s all jealousy. KYRA , you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. This is me asking you kindly to please stop STALKING ME YOU FREAK, stop copying everything I do on Insta, stop making fake accounts to follow me and keep up with my life…I know I’m beautiful but you need to focus on loving yourself first. Also stop putting your DIRT onto me, you need to learn to live with yourself and the fact that no man wants you for more than s*x cause your a slore. See you around xx

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