Mackenzie Jerry — Calgary, Canada

Lmao posted AGAIN! This one loves what she can’t have… always wonders why nobody likes her but yet all she does is f*k over everyone. She’s the biggest h*e who has slept with half the reserve and half of Calgary. De she has no shame. Doesn’t give a f*k if they’re off-limits lol nasty a*5 c.v.n.t!! She leaves her kids for days just to get fuked and get drunk.. and she uses the excuse “I deserve to have fun sometimes” more like ALL THE TIME! this b***h has been sleeping with 6 different guys WITHOUT condoms. She’s out there spreading her stds!! So be careful guys. Wrap it up lmao fuking nasty, her and her sloot of a mom. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree hey Roberta? Lmao, ugly b1tches. Ugly monkeys lmao.

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