Michelle L Krafjack

Michelle Krafjack has s*x with married men. She is a narcissist, habitual fibber and sociopath. She has an obsession with her weight and developed an eating disorder. She does not know what is right from wrong. I knew her while she was stationed overseas. She is the same as she was back then. De she has amount to no success or achievements. An E-6 marine is the lowest rank in the SNCO, so I am not sure why she tells people they will go no where when she has predicted her own life. She has cheated on her ex fiancé, has many failed relationships and failed marriage. She has s*x with men who have wives and children. She even encourages them to leave them from her. She is selfish and obnoxious. Miserable with her own life she tries to ruined others for her own sick pleasure. Also she was passed around in the barracks from one male marine to the next. STD and STI is prevalent in this female marine. she cheat and scam people for money. She puts down other, so she can feel better about herself. She tried to hide and deny what she did by falsely claiming it’s a women who has been posting for years which is a complete bogus lie. Krafjack has been doing this for years and is now exposed for her treachery. Don’t believe her whole “I hope you find peace” act it is all an act when she verbally and physically threaten people over the internet and in person. I seen the proof that’s been being send out to the people are involved with what she has done to them and I can honestly say she can get kicked out of the Marine Corps for good.

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