Natasha Nirvana — Edmonton, Canada

Natasha is the most insecure & psychotic girl I have ever met in my life. Stage 5 clinger is an understatement!! De she wants so badly to have a boyfriend, but they all run for the hills the moment they meet her because no one wants to touch her stank a*5, meat flaps pu55y. No one wants her, and no one ever will because she is absolutely bat s**t crazy. Not only that, but she has huge a*5 pancake n1pples & t1ts that sag past her belly button. So gross. She needs to keep her clothes on, cuz no one wants to see her disgusting flabby body. Seriously stay away. Even having a short conversation with this girl will start her obsession with you & she will fantasize about marrying you & start calling you her fiancé….You will never get rid of her. I’m telling you, stay away from this chick. All of her ex boyfriend’s have had to file restraining orders against her. She will stalk you for the rest of her life. No amount of weight loss will make her appealing because she is ugly both inside & out. She needs help, & lots of it. The only boyfriend she is ever gonna have is the ones she makes up in her head

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