Shawn Miller — Winnipeg, Canada

A Message To Shawn Miller So let me get this straight… You’re the victim of my abuse? Miraculously in spite of that you were able to move on immediately to someone new (though you’d never cheat!) And no aspects of your life have been impacted! Just remember Still Cove, the walks hikes in Nopiming Park, the dirty we did, your parents place….She thinks it’s special But it’s all reused!!! I just hope when it becomes the time you buy her a new ring and not the one you asked me with! Mean while I’m the supposed abuser, De I lost friends and family, nearly my faith in humanity. As I sit here alone pondering why you did this to me! Please quit telling lies to our mutual friends, it’s been over a year, forget me! You’ve moved on and yet you still attack me, you we’re starting s**t with my ex! Grow up, quit playing games. I see you’ve had some truths come out about you finally. Whether people want to believe them or not I know the true Shawn. Please stop your manipulative games so we can all live in peace!

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