Sheldene Mari Pola — Honolulu, Hawaii

Sleeps with anyone, go figure she is a Virgo that gives no F**s. 5″4, her hopes are visible on her cheeks, and from what my ex-husband can see in your V Lips.. 🤮wanna be a model like the rest of Hawaii on Instagram Her cvnt smells like an old snapper fish. And will do anything for weed. Pepsi, Xanax. She’s one of those girls that will steal f*k your husband knowing he’s married to prove a point to herself that she’s an absolute low life that will sponge off of you. her yeast and discharge are green and yellow and to see my 3 kids are the ones who will hurt from this. HER MOTHER JILL FUJIWARA GROWS MARIJUANA AND SHE HAS BEEN BRINGING HER SELF AND THESE DRUGS OVER FOR OVER 2 YEARS NOW. DE I CAUGHT THEM FUKING INNMYCAR IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE AND TO SAY THE CAR REEKED OF FISH… YOU TWO ENJOY THE CAR AND BACKSEAT AND ALL TBAT STD YOU HAVE PASSED ON TO ME..

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