Sonya Morrison — San Jose, California

Sonya worked with my husband, as the human resources manager (ironically). She was also married at the time. She came on to him and eventually they started sexting. After a month of texting they got drunk one night and had s*x in the car. My husband confessed the next day. And, YES she knew he was married. She befriended another coworker knowing that this person hangs out with my husband outside of work, in order to get closer to him. She even showed up at a bar to hang out with my husband and our friends knowing that I was on my way to meet him there (regrettably something stopped me from going). And another time she and her husband showed up at a concert that my husband and I were at, I found out later that she was blowing up his phone begging for him and I to come hang out with her and her husband. My husband says when they were sexting she would end the call by telling him to go have s*x with your wife & I ll go have s*x with my husband . The night they had s*x, she showed up again at a bar where my husband was and acted like it was just a coincidence (he thinks she followed him after work)I told her boss what happened and she was eventually transferred to another city. I also spoke with her husband on the phone. When she didn’t come home, her husband got suspicious and checked the phone records and found like 300 texts from/to my husband s #. She admitted to him that they had s*x that night. Her husband then called me to tell me, but my husband had already told me. Supposedly they started to have s*x in my car, and then my husband stopped it. They walked to her car and started to do it again in her car, but my husband again stops and then leaves. To make it worse, they didn’t even use a condom! They haven t had contact with each other since that night. I confronted her at her house. I had never met her so I felt the need to do so. When I confronted her via text she told me to move on . When I showed up at her house she claimed she can t remember anything because she was so drunk that night and the nights they texted, and has since gone to rehab. They both claim to have amnesia due to alcohol, but say they didn’t have feelings for each other and that it was supposed to be nothing more than flirting and texting; never anything physical. Yet my husband says one day she called him into her office and asked him if he wanted to do it in her office (sounds like she wanted it to get physical or was she drunk again?).Her husband has since divorced her and she is now a lesbian and has a butch girlfriend. My husband and I are still together and trying to work though this difficult situation. My husband maintains that it had nothing to do with me or our relationship. He says the texting was just an escape from reality and he never intended it to get physical. Don t get me wrong, I blame him just as much as I do her, if not more. He s the one who was supposed to love and be faithful to me. I honestly never saw this coming, we had a great relationship. Sonya is older than me and not even attractive; she s definitely a down grade. Not to toot my own horn, but there s no contest in the looks department. My husband is my high school sweetheart and until now we had only been with each other, which makes it hurt even more. I won t begin to get into how this has affected me, but to say the least it s a year later and I still think about it every day. I guess I ll never understand why or how my husband did this to me. Everyone who knows him was shocked; he s just not that type of guy. I thought that if I was ever cheated on that there s no way I would stay, but you never know until it happens to you. Every situation is different & just because someone hurts you, it doesn’t mean you stop loving them. It s the most confusing thing to be hurt by the person you love and trust the most. While my broken heart may heal with time, the scar will always be there to remind me of how he hurt me. Because we are still together I will not post my husband on the Internet, but I did tell everyone I know what he did. Every family member, friend, and coworker. That was part of his punishment. This however is my revenge on her! All I can say is that if this could happen to me then it can happen to anyone, so beware of this ugly, Australian, lesbian, home wrecking w***e!

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