Sydney Smith Mauk herpes spreadin PIG

Tampa BEWARE. This dirty nasty s***k from tinder has g3nital drd and has spread it to men without disclosing. She though it was hilarious that she spread it to a friend of mine and and kept denying it & laughed at him telling him thats what he got for f*****g her and told him to have a lawyer contact her. De she lied about being clean, He used a condom and still caught it not knowing she has fuking drds a & got a nasty ob 1 week later. Dude is devastated af and this drd s***k destroyed his life If you want an easy std ridden f**k hit her up since she thinks its so hilarious (:She sucks and f***s anything that moves and puts out to anyone. She’s a walking disease . Not EVEN A CONDOM CAN SAVE YOU FROM THIS DEADBEAT OF A W***E Thank G*d you cant reproduce we dont need anymore white trash skanks like you in this world gtfo

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